mirror twin

Man Ray aka Emmanuel Radnitsky (1890-1976, American) - Untitled, 1969 Etching in Color on Rives BFK Paper

Julie MehretuEntropia (review), 200432-color lithography and screenprint 
(by Highpoint Center for Printmaking)

hey toronto people i really need some club soda 

“What a mistake, saying the way I felt.”

Panne im Nichts (Breakdown in the Middle of Nowhere) - Norbert Schwontkowski

Dave McDermott  A Rebours (II), 2012

Christopher Benedict

Jenny Holzer, My arrogance knows no bounds and I will make no peace today, and you should be so lucky to find a woman like me 

hey i made a png of something i drew follow my art on instagram @kcschnl!!!!

“I am like
the ocean
the moon.

I sleep
and I

— Pavana पवन